1- What is Global Benefactors?

Global Benefactors, GB, it's not a HYIP, MLM, Rev Share, Cycler, Investmet Program or business of any type. GB is a global community of people helping people. Here at Global Benefactors we care for the welfare of mankind and therefore we have created this community so that we can provide economic help between us.

2- How does GB work?

Every member that wants to join this community has to abide by this specific rules:
a-  As a sign of good will every member MUST provide help to another member .
b-  After providing help all members are entitled to receive help and will get a 30% of their donations and an additional 30% will be added totaling 60% monthly provided members perform a simple daily task to help promote our community. If members decide not to do the daily tasks they will only get a 30% every month.
c-  Our platform will calculate the daily percentage every donation accrues and members will be able to ask for help as soon as they have $10 available in their balance. 
d-  Members can only withdraw amounts that are multiples of 10 
e-  Minimum amount to be donated is $10 and the maximum is $7500 at this moment
f-   Only donations with BITCOIN are accepted
g-  Members will only accrue earnings from the amounts they donate to others
h- Members cannot withdraw their seeded donation during the first 3 months after donating
i- Our system is set up to accept donations only for the amounts our members have asked for help, our database has all the requests for help members  asked for separated in our system so as soon as somebody offers a donation the system will match it with what we have in our database and will automatically assign  somebody to receive the donation or help. Now if you are trying to donate an amount higher than any requested help the system will not accept a donation for that amount and will advise the benefactor  that he/she   should try with a smaller amount.

3- Is there any bonus if I invite new members to GB?

Yes, GB rewards its members with a generous 15% referral commissions divided in 3 levels 10%, 3% and 2%.

4- Is the monthly 60% members receive from their donations for life?

No. Every donation will expire after 5 months. During the first 4 months you will be paid 2% daily, provided you perform your daily task, for a total of 60% for the month. During month #5 you will earn 30% of the donation that already has being active for 4 months. That will accrue a total of 270% of every donation. 

5- Do members have to pay any fee in Global Benefactors?

Yes. Members will pay a fee according to the amount of donations they have accumulated in the community.
This is the scale for those fees.
  DONATIONS                     FEES.
$10        ---     $100....          $5
$101      ---     $2,000...       $10
$2,001  ---     $4,000...       $20
$4,000 ---     $5,000...       $25
$5,000 ---     $7,500....       $35
$7,500 and up......               $50.

6- What makes GB different from other similar communities? 

Global Benefactors have been created with one simple goal, succeed where others have failed.
We have seen many communities go down faster than expected because sometimes members get lazy at the time of Sending Help, or they get confused or don't know how to use the system or because there aren't enough members to Send Help to other members and then everything goes down. Global Benefactors have seen what make the others fail and have taken care of those missteps in order not to repeat them. That's why you see GB members have to help grow the community by promoting it everyday, that is why GB collects a monthly fee, because in case a member fails to Send Help GB will do it using those funds we save every month.
So in order to make everything go smooth and everybody receives their help on time, without any issues, we are going to process every transaction so that members don't worry about getting donations or help and concentrate in bringing more and more new members to this Global Community.

7- When do I have to pay my fee?

The fee has to be paid right before you ask for your  first  help and after that you have to do it every month on the same day.