Hello, my name is Hiroito Aquino. I am from The Phillipines. Since I was a small kid I have been seeing how imperfect our world is where some people have a lot and the rest have nothing. I have seen how the actual system keeps favoring the rich people and hurting more and more the poor ones.

A couple of years ago, 2014, I started this Global Benefactors community, we were a big amount of people helping each other and it worked very well. People would provide help and then they would get help and we were rewarded for that help we provided. After that, I've seen other international communities come and go and even though they were successful in many areas they disappeared after a period of time. I have analyzed the good and the bad of those communities and I think we have put together a simple yet very powerful plan to have a community that lasts for ever.

We are here to succeed where others have failed. Global Benefactors after being successful as a local, secret community has decided to be a worldwide community of people helping people, we are going to help our members around the world fight against poverty, we are going to help our members everywhere live debt free, enjoy life and their families the same way rich people do.

Everybody deserves a better life. It's about time and now we will be able to help anybody in the world with just a simple click. The internet has made a lot of people super rich, and the internet will help us achieve a better way of living. And we at Global Benefactors are going to be the vehicle to drive poverty out of our lives by helping one another, a simple plan but very well thought out. From the moment you become a Benefactor your road to financial freedom will kick off. Start helping others and soon you will be helped more and more. That's why we are here, and all of our Benefactors will see it.  Stay blessed