You can earn money in this amazing community just by helping others.  Thousands of members around the world have improved their quality of life with us.  Be one of them!



Be a Benefactor

Every good action deserves a reward, and we know that, that's why when you become a benefactor you are rewarded.

No Intermediaries

Members provide and receive help without any intermediaries,  everything is handled privately between members,  we just coordinate.

Automated System

Global Benefactors have a fully automated system which is very user friendly.  Everything is very easy to use and members have total control of every transaction they make.


Our system is intelligently set up to find a benefactor around the world so when you ask for help,  your donation is guaranteed.




About Us.

Global Benefactors, GB, it's not a HYIP, MLM, Rev Share, Cycler, Investmet Program or business of any type. GB is a global community of people helping people. Here at Global Benefactors we care for the welfare of mankind and therefore we have created this community so that we can provide economic help between us.